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Diet and Nutritional Therapy for Sjögren's Syndrome

Get your Sjögren's symptoms under control, naturally.

Specialising in Sjögren's and related fatigue, dryness, joint pain and gastrointestinal issues*

Tired of suffering from debilitating symptoms that just won't go away?

Concerned about your symptoms worsening and robbing you of your quality of life even further?

Uncertain about which dietary approach is best for you, or which supplements might actually help?

Undiagnosed and feel like you're on your own?

If so, we understand. And we can help.


About Beyond Sjögren's

​​Beyond Sjögren's offers comprehensive and individualised online nutritional therapy programmes, specifically designed to help people suffering with Sjögren's syndrome - and those undiagnosed -- regain their health and well-being.

Founded by registered nutritional therapist Jeremy Guth (mBANT CNHC), our step-by-step online programmes are focused on identifying and addressing the root causes of Sjögren's, rather than just endlessly managing the symptoms.

Beyond Sjögren's is based in the UK, and also services clients across the USA.

Book a Free Online Consultation

Learn more about healing from Sjogren's naturally, and possible pathways forward for yourself.


Over a 30-minute Zoom call, you will gain clarity on:

  • How to get relief from your symptoms, naturally and effectively

  • If our approach is right for you at this time

  • What your best next steps might look like

No expectations or obligations - just a chance discuss your situation and the best next steps that you can take.

Available to those diagnosed and undiagnosed, across the UK and USA.

I feel so much better in myself, and with more energy than I have experienced for years!

My biggest takeway has been discovering that I didn't actually need any of those medications...

What I needed was someone to ask the right questions and looks at the bigger picture to figure out what my body was really crying out for.

My gut is definitely in a better place...

Thankfully, for once in a long time, I've managed to enjoy eating!

All Sjögren's Diet Programmes Include:

In-depth health history + nutritional evaluation

Functional medicine lab testing

Establishing your personal programme goals

Identify the root causes to your Sjögren's challenges

Personalised Sjögren's diet and supplement plans

Sleep, stress and exercise assessment

Easy to follow step-by-step action plans

Regular follow ups and support check-ins

Blog articles


Read helpful articles on Sjogren's, diet and functional medicine.



Find out more about me, and why I started Beyond Sjögren's.

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Send a message with any questions you have, and we'll be happy to help.

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