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How do the Beyond Sjögren's

treatment programmes work?

By combining functional testing, targeted supplementation and a healing diet, we can break the autoimmune cycle and regenerate damaged tissues.

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No single diet, supplement or treatment approach is right for everyone.

The web, social media, and many popular books are full of simplistic and one-size-fits-all solutions to complex problems like autoimmunity. Not to mention the endless contradictory recommendations from well-meaning friends, family and other people with Sjögren's online.

And you know first hand just how challenging, even demoralizing, it can be trying to figure out why the diet you've tried isn't working for you the way you hoped.

And just like with diet, there is no single supplement, or herbal medicine, that is going to be effective or appropriate for everyone with Sjögren's. This is because not everyone with Sjögen's has the same underlying root-causes.

Our Programmes

That's why we offer personalised online treatment programmes that connect the dots of your whole health picture, and that methodically address the nutritional, immunological, hormonal, environmental and other factors that may be contributing to your symptoms in a holistic way.

The programmes are delivered 1-1 via Zoom, and are open to people in the UK, EU and the USA

(besides NY/NJ states)

Our programmes integrate Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine, to provide a powerful evidence-based yet holistic approach to rebuilding health that utilises a variety of natural treatments such as:


  • A personalised therapeutic diet

  • Targeted supplementation

  • Herbal medicines

  • Sleep and stress-reduction strategies


The overarching purpose is to correct the common underlying factors driving your Sjögren's symptoms and autoimmunity, while also supporting the specific tissues that are under autoimmune attack.


The overall goal is to dramatically reduce your Sjogren's symptoms and flare ups, strengthen your overall health and transform the way you feel - naturally and sustainably.

WATCH: What do the programmes involve?

First, we start with an in-depth symptom and nutritional evaluation, and order specialised lab tests to help pinpoint what exactly seems to be going wrong in your body that might be contributing to your symptoms and/or autoimmunity.

Based on this we'll then craft a comprehensive therapeutic diet, supplementation and lifestyle plan that addresses the specific issues we find, and then regularly tweak it based on how you respond.

All consultations are carried out via Zoom, and are open to people in the UK, EU and the USA (besides NY/NJ states), and all testing will be arranged locally to you.

The programme process in more detail:

1. Detailed health + nutritional assessment to establish your baseline and your goals

First we'll start by getting a really thorough understanding of your symptoms, your history, your diet, your medications, any supplements you take, and we'll also look at your previous blood tests.

From this, we'll be able to put together initial recommendations that will help you start feeling better right from the outset.

2. Order functional lab tests to uncover your underlying root-causes

Functional tests can help identify the root causes of inflammation, immune dysfunction and potentially the autoimmunity itself.


Some examples of this are food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, stealth infections, hormonal imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, microbiome imbalances and environmental toxins.

Once these underlying issues are identified, they can then be addressed with targeted natural treatments and strategies.

Some of these can be carried out with simple home testing kits, with the samples posted back to the lab, while others will be done via a blood draw service in your area.

3. Personalised dietary recommendations that supports your body's overall health

Based on the above assessments, we'll craft you an easy to follow plan detailing exactly which dietary additions and swaps to make, designed to address the factors that are likely contributing to your specific symptoms.

And since your specific underlying root causes and dysfunctional body processes are unique to you, so will be your personalised dietary plan.

4. Targeted supplement protocol to optimize specific body processes

You'll also be given a personalised protocol of nutritional supplements and herbal medicines. These will be carefully chosen to correct any underlying dysfunctions we have uncovered, as well as to support your body's innate self-healing mechanisms.

When quality supplements are used in a targeted way - with correct dosages - they can really significantly help improve symptoms.

5. Sleep, stress and exercise strategies to calm your immune & nervous systems

Based on your initial assessment, you'll also receive personalised guidance on stress management, improving your sleep quality and incorporating appropriate exercise/movement.


Improvements in these areas can have a profound positive effect on your energy levels, immune function, overall symptoms.

6. Implementation support & coaching to guarantee you the best possible results

Throughout this whole process you will have our full support with weekly check-ins, to guide you step-by-step through implementation of your recommendations, and to guarantee you the best possible outcomes.

These check-ins will address any obstacles to carrying out your plan that arise along the way, as well as setting you up to maintain your diet, lifestyle and health improvements long into the future!

Results past clients have experienced:

  • Significantly improved dry eyes

  • Significantly improved dry mouth

  • Significantly improved energy levels

  • Significantly improved digestive symptoms

  • Significantly improved joint pain

  • Significantly improved neuropathic pain

  • Significantly reduced/eliminated nausea

  • Significantly improved blood pressure

  • Significantly improved skin

  • Significantly improved weight

  • Reduced, eliminated or avoided medications

  • Significantly improved sleep

  • Significantly improved mood

  • Significantly reduced stress & anxiety

  • Feel overall better/healthier within themselves

  • Returned to work and/or increased hours

  • Felt heard and listened-to for the first time

  • Restored hope about the future

  • Self-confidence through expert guidance

  • No longer dependent on unreliable "Dr Google"

Programme guarantee*

If you don't experience a noticeable improvement within the programme
period, we'll extend your programme by 50% at no additional cost.

*REGENERATE Programme only

What is the programme investment?

Programme investment ranges from £999 to £2499 (or the equivalent in USD), depending on your specific situation and requirements. Payment plans are available.

The factors that determine pricing are the number and frequency of follow-ups, protocol reviews, support check-ins and additional support/coaching.

For more information on which programme would be the best fit for you, simply book a free consultation below to discuss your situation and your options.

What is the next step?

To find out more about the programmes and your options, book a free consultation with Jeremy at a time that's convenient for you.

Over a Zoom call, you will gain clarity on:

  • How to get relief from your symptoms, naturally and effectively

  • If our approach is right for you at this time

  • The best next steps you can take to start feeling better

No expectations or obligations - just a chance to discuss your situation, your options and possible next steps you can take to start feeling better.

All Treatment Programmes Include:

In-depth health, symptom + nutritional assessment

Functional lab testing to help identify + address root-causes (additional cost)

Establishing your personal programme goals

Rebuild your health from the ground up

Personalised Sjögren's diet and supplement protocols

Easy to follow step-by-step action plans

Sleep, stress and exercise recommendations

Regular follow-ups and support check-ins

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