Sjögren's Functional Nutritional Therapy Programmes

Functional Nutritional Therapy is all about crafting a diet and nutrition programme that can deliver the best results for you.

Available to UK and US based patients

No single diet, supplement or approach is right for everyone.

​The web, social media, and many popular books are full of simplistic and unrealistic solutions to complex problems like autoimmunity. And I know just how challenging, even demoralizing, it can be trying to figure out why the diet or supplements you heard about aren't working for you the way they seem to works for others.

Not to mention the endless contradictory recommendations from well-meaning friends, family and other people with Sjögren's online.

Or you've just been diagnosed, and don't even know where to start?

That's why I run 3-month online programmes (UK/USA) which are designed to investigate and methodically address the nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors that are likely contributing to your autoimmunity and Sjögren's symptoms.

This is not something your rheumatologist will do, or is in a position to do.

Functional Medicine looks at the 'why': why you may have developed autoimmunity, what is triggering it, and what can be done to uproot the problem at its source, naturally.


By utilizing an in-depth health history alongside specialist functional lab testing (accessable locally to you), we'll craft a comprehensive therapeutic diet and supplementation plan that addresses the specific issues we uncover.


And then based on your progress, we'll tweak and optimize the plan from consultation to consultation.


​​​​The goal? A transformation in your energy levels, and massively reduced (or eliminated) symptoms.