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WATCH: How Angie Reversed Her "Horrendous" Neuropathic Pain, Started Salivating Again & Much More

Updated: Mar 13

"I was in constant pain.. the pain was horrendous.. Now it's far less.. It's amazing the change!“

Angie was couch/bed bound, unable to leave her house, and suffering with severe and widespread neuropathic pain, fatigue, dry mouth/eyes, POTs and a lot more. She thought her life was over, and was in an increasingly dark place mentally - she actually thought she was going to die.

And although she was initially skeptical, she nonetheless took a leap of faith and signed up to the Beyond Sjögren's programme. The result is that in under 3 months, her life dramatically changed for the better - both physically and mentally. And her family are "crying tears of joy, while before they were crying tears of despair!"

By faithfully implementing the protocols we provided her with, with our ongoing support, all of her symptoms have improved very significantly. Her "horrible surges of neuropathic pain"

are far less and manageable, her energy has lifted, her saliva has returned, her eyes no longer burn and itch. Plus, she has concurrently been able to dramatically reduce her pharmacuetical medications, which she didn't like having to take.

She can now not only leave her house to go shopping and meet up with old friends, but has even traveled intercity on her own and, incredibly, helped her daughter to move house!

As with every case like this that we see, it's been phenomenal to watch it unfold, step by step. We are constantly shown and reminded that the human body has a tremendous capacity to heal, even from Sjögren's, given the right conditions.

Her ultimate message to others is "It worked for me; it may not work for you.. But just try it, go for it; what have you got to lose? You've got your health to gain.. I can honestly say that I think the cost of it is low, compared to the amount of time you put into it, the amount of help and support you give. It's a hell of a lot!".

Watch through the whole interview, and take hope and inspiration from Angie - if it can happen for her, and many others, there's no reason that it couldn’t happen for you too.

- - -

If you'd like to discuss an effective path forward for yourself, schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Jeremy.

There are no expectations or obligations - just a chance discuss your situation and identify the best next steps you can take to start feeling better!

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