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WATCH: Mandy's experience since completing the Beyond Sjögren's programme

Mandy was diagnosed with Sjögren's in 2012, however her symptoms really starting ramping up in December 2020 when she really started suffering with ongoing "sore, tired, stringing, itchy, burning" eyes, alongside often debilitating fatigue. Plus, her symptoms would flare/worsen monthly with the onset of her menstrual cycle, month after month after month.

Her rheumatologist was strongly recommending that she start on a cocktail of intravenous cyclosporine (an immunosuppressant), methotrexate (i.e. chemotherapy drug) and hydroxychloroquine.

As an experienced vetinary nurse herself, she understood how these medications work, and the serious long-term side effects these treatments can often bring, and it was not a path she was keen to go down. Instead, in August 2021 she approached us, joined the REGENERATE programme.

Within just 2.5 weeks of implementing her personalised Beyond Sjögren's protocol, Mandy's fatigue had all but lifted. At this point, she still had dry eye symtpoms, but incredibly, the onset of her next period did not cause her symptoms to flare - and now it has been dozens of cycles later without any flare ups reported!

Over the next weeks and months her dry eyes continued to improve very significantly, to the point that it just wasn't of concern to her anymore. She still uses eye drops, but a fraction of the amount she was using beforehand (and which weren't even really helping much).

Mandy's quality of life has changed completely. And she was able to do this without any immune suppressing medications, which may well have caused her to contract various infections and possibly make things worse over the long term (always consult your doctor regarding taking or not taking medications).

In the 2+ years since starting the Beyond Sjögren's programme, she has been able to live a much richer life as a result, going on long nature walks, socialising a lot more, and not paying the “fatigue tax” afterwards. Her Sjögren's symptoms have remained stable, at very low and entirely manageable levels, as she continues to follow the personalised diet/supplement/lifestyle recommendations we provided her (and tweaked over the duration of the programme).

Watch the full video to see how Mandy explains her experience with the programme, how it has impacted her life, and her advice to others who currently find themselves in a situation like she was in.

- - -

If you're interested in exploring if our programmes can help you, schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Jeremy to discuss your situation and your best options.

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