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How do the Sjögren's Nutritional Therapy programmes work?

By combining functional testing, targeted supplementation and a healing diet, we can break the autoimmune cycle and regenerate damaged tissues.

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​Our 3-month programmes are designed to identify and address the nutritional, immunological, hormonal, environmental, and other factors that may be contributing to your Sjögren's and its associated symptoms, in a holistic way.


This means that we'll connect the dots of your whole health picture and address the root causes to your health challenges organically, thereby preventing them from progressing and worsening with time.

Our goal is to dramatically reduce your Sjogren's symptoms and flare ups, strengthen your overall health and transform the way you feel - naturally and sustainably.

What do the 3-month online programmes involve?

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy is a powerful science-based yet holistic approach to rebuilding health that utilises a variety of natural treatments such as:


  • A personalised therapeutic diet

  • Targeted supplementation

  • Herbal medicines

  • Sleep and stress-reduction strategies


The purpose is to correct the common underlying factors driving your Sjögren's symptoms - such as chronic dry eyes/mouth, joint pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues etc - while also supporting the specific tissues that are under autoimmune attack.


Functional Medicine is the utilisation of specialised lab testing to help pinpoint specific dysfunctions in your body's systems which may be contributing to your autoimmunity (and Sjogren's in particular), and which can then be corrected with targeted natural treatments.

Together, these work (alongside any standard medical care) to identify and resolve the underlying triggers of your Sjögren's symptoms, and boost your overall health and vitality in a truly transformational way.

We see clients across the UK and USA remotely via Zoom, and all testing will be arranged locally to you.

All Programmes Include:

In-depth health history + nutritional evaluation

Functional lab testing

Establishing your personal programme goals

Identify the root causes to your Sjögren's challenges

Personalised Sjögren's diet and supplement protocols

Sleep, stress and exercise assessment

Easy to follow step-by-step action plans

Ongoing follow-ups and support check-ins

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