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Natural Remedies for Sjögren's Syndrome

Reclaim your health with Personalised Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Jeremy Guth, Functional Nutritionist (mBANT CNHC)

Specialising in Sjögren's and related fatigue, dryness, joint pain and gastrointestinal issues*

Identify and address the root causes of your Sjögren's challenges

Tired of suffering from debilitating symptoms that just won't go away?

Concerned about your condition worsening and robbing you of your quality of life even further?

Confused about which dietary approach is best for you, or which natural remedies might actually help?

If so, I understand you. And I can help. No matter what you've already tried.

As all consultations are online, location is not an issue.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy is a powerful science-based yet holistic approach to rebuilding health that utilises natural remedies such as dietary adjustments, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicines and simple lifestyle modifications. Together, these work alongside standard medical care to address the root causes of your health challenges, rather than just the symptoms.

There is no single diet, supplement or remedy that is right for everyone.


Functional Medicine involves specialist lab testing to help identify areas of dysfunction in the body's systems which may be contributing to illness, and which can then be addressed with nutritional therapies and other natural treatments.


Functional testing can help personalise your diet to meet your unique nutritional requirements, as well as indicate which supplements would be best to achieve the best possible results.

My approach

Personalised Sjögren's Nutritional Therapy Programmes

The internet is full of simplistic solutions to complex problems, like autoimmunity. No single diet, supplement or remedy is right for everyone. You're unique, and so is what's driving your Sjogren's challenges.

That's why I offer 3-month programmes that are designed to help identify and methodically address the nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors that are likely contributing to your immune dysfunction and Sjogren's symptoms.

Together, we'll do an in-depth health history and nutritional evaluation, and run specialist lab tests to help pinpoint what exactly seems to be going wrong in your body to cause these problems. We'll then craft a comprehensive therapeutic diet and supplementation plan that addresses the specific issues we find.


The goal? Reduced symptoms, restored energy and a transformation in the way you feel.

Schedule a free 30-min Zoom call to discuss your situation and the programme options in more detail.

All Sjögren's Nutrition Programmes Include:

In-depth health history + nutritional evaluation

Lab and functional testing recommendations

Establishing your personal programme goals

Identify the root causes to your Sjögren's challenges

Personalised Sjögren's diet and supplement plans

Sleep, stress and exercise assessment

Easy to follow step-by-step action plans

Ongoing follow ups and motivational check-ins

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